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We Have the Best Benefits for Our Caregivers, Many of Which Are Unmatched in the Industry

We offer 401K benefits with 6% matching

We offer health insurance

We offer sick leave benefits

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We Take Excellent Care of Our Caregivers

At New Wave Home Care, we treat our employees like family. We respect their needs and work hard to provide a great working environment. Our caregivers are one of the most important parts of our business and we make sure to take excellent care of them and provide lots of incentives for a job well done.

We know how committed our caregivers are to our clients, and that is why we are committed to helping them. One of the ways in which we do so is by helping our caregivers plan for their future and save for retirement. That’s why we provide a 401k with a 6% matching on all contributions!

We Appreciate Our Caregivers So Much, We Give Them Bonuses

Our caregivers are rewarded with appreciation bonuses to thank them for all the hard work they’ve done! We know how much time and effort goes into providing excellent care, so we offer a bonus to show our appreciation.

Our Caregivers Receive Medical Benefits and Paid Time Off

In addition to having a good salary and great benefits, we also provide our caregivers with the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are well covered in the event that they require medical treatment.

They are also given sick days to care for themselves or their families if needed, including time off to address an illness or injury of their own, the birth of a new child in their family, or other situations that require time away from work.

Caregivers Love Working for New Wave Home Care

Once a caregiver starts working for New Wave Home Care, they rarely leave our company. We have caregivers who joined us back in 2010, still working with us! Our extremely high retention rate is due in part to the fact that they feel empowered by their work and also enjoy the flexibility that comes with working for an agency that cares for them as much as they care for their clients.

The Perks and Benefits of Working at New Wave Home Care

I have been with New Wave for a little over a year now. The company has by far been amazing. Management seems to be on top of everything, and when ever I need something I can always get ahold of someone at the office, even after hours. The clients priority is number one here at New Wave, and they always try and make everyone feel safe and content knowing their loved one is well taken care of. It’s an honor to say that I work for such a heartwarming company.



Very professional company. They are always willing to help and available at anytime. Very friendly people in the office. They make you feel very comfortable and welcomed to their company. I like working for the company by far one of the best.



New Wave provides a fantastic staff support to the caretakers. Worked in many agencies before, and NW so far has been the best!



Good company to work for. They care about their clients and they make sure that they are taken care of.



I am really happy working with the New Wave Team: Tracy and Eliot. I am really pleased with them. They provide excellent communication and understanding. They’re GREAT dispatchers!



Love working with New Wave!



Very professional company. They are always willing to help and available at anytime. Very friendly people in the office. They make you feel very comfortable and welcomed to their company. I like working for the company by far one of the best.



Happy to be a part of New Wave Home Care team!



I love my job.



New Wave Home Care is an exciting & challenging company to work for. They are caring & loving to their clients. They provide ease, comfort & stability. We all work together as a team to give the best of our abilities to the company & our clients.



I am very happy to have this job. I have been working with New Wave for 10 years now and I look forward to continue working with you.



Working with New Wave Home Care has been a wonderful experience. I started with the company when Sam first opened and watching the company grow over the years. The Office staff is great, easy to talk with. Being part of the New Wave Home Care team is a pleasure.



Very happy to work with New Wave.



New Wave is very flexible and helpful when it comes to scheduling.



Working with New Wave has been a great experience for me, and I have got to know clients and family who left memories I will never forget. I have been with this company from almost the beginning and as time has passed they have offered growing benefits. I would recommend New Wave for those seeking to work in the elderly community, and have a compassion to do so.


Natasha, Caregiver/CNA

A Caring Team with a Great Reputation

Sam Gopinathan decided to open New Wave Home Care after volunteering to serve those affected by the 2004 Tsunami in India. Through those experiences he learned the importance of a philosophy that has come to define New Wave Home Care to this day, “Communication is Caring”. Sam realized the best way he could help people would be to enter the Home Care space and work to develop a different culture focused on the client and our caregiving staff.

Since 2010, we have developed a reputation throughout Southern California for our high quality, affordable home care services. Our clients range from a young person recovering from surgery, to a senior citizen receiving hospice care. Proud members of the communities we serve, we care for everyone. Our comprehensive range of services help thousands of people do more than just exist in the comfort of their own homes. We help our clients thrive.

If you’re confident in your skills as a home health provider or simply want to learn more, if you want to work for a team that cares about your well being as well as our own, please apply. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Home Caregiver Jobs

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