Our vision is to be the gold standard in providing care for the elderly with respect, dignity and compassion. We aim to be the top choice for our client’s trusted advisors, to support their core values, to enhance the advisor’s purposes and mission. We strive to lead the industry in the highest standards of professionalism. Our vision is to be the company that all employees are proud to be part of and to be the company where all the employees demonstrate the highest standards of commitment, are highly trained and are highly inspired to treat every client like their own family.


New Wave Home Care is an exceptional company that provides the highest level of in-home care services for the aging population. There is more to the life of an elderly person than just meeting the day to day needs. We place the highest value on serving the unique needs of each client with the greatest respect for their individuality. At New Wave, we focus on being adaptable to the specific needs & preferences of our clients to enable them to maintain their independence, dignity and have the best possible quality of life. At New Wave, we take a wider and complete outlook of the client’s life that involves the client family and their trusted advisors.



Our statements of Mission, Vision, and Values are not crafted simply to make us look good.  Our commitment is to look to them as our daily, guiding principles and to conduct regular reviews as a team to measure ourselves and each other against them.


In all our decisions and actions, we strive constantly to be aware of and sensitive to the diverse feelings and points of view of clients, their families, and other trusted advisors.  We listen without judging, act with compassion, and support them in the moment. Empathy is fundamental to the generosity, flexibility, and respectfulness that constitute the gold standard in care.


We are committed to being transparent in our communications. Openness with families and other trusted advisors is essential.  While respecting confidentiality, we place emphasis on the quickest and most efficient means of access to information and discussions related to client care, with a minimum of bureaucratic obstacles.


We operate with integrity in every interaction. Doing the right thing for the client always is our top priority.  We keep our word and hold each other and ourselves accountable.  We say what we mean, and we mean what we say.


Our company operates with collaborative responsiveness. We are better as a team, working with other professionals and trusted advisors of our clients than as individuals and are able to utilize our individual strengths in knowledge, creativity, and skill to ensure that our clients are always afforded the best in care.


Our commitment is to being the source of creative solutions for the myriad of challenges involved in caregiving.  We have several years of collective experience in senior care from very diverse backgrounds which allows us to think creatively and intuitively about how to be a resource for clients and their families or representatives.  Only in this way can families have peace of mind that we will be responsive to the unforeseen and that our clients’ unique needs will be skillfully addressed.  Once we have been entrusted with a client’s care, we take ownership for demonstrating anew each day that that trust has been well placed.