Gain Mobility for Your Loved Ones

Reliable, safe, flexible transportation services with our caregivers

Living at home should not mean being trapped at home. Simple tasks like visiting the beauty shop, grocery shopping, or going to the doctor can become serious challenges when you do not have access to safe transportation.

Fortunately, New Wave Home Care offers reliable, safe, flexible transportation services. To arrange a ride, just call us 48 hours or more before your trip, and we’ll have a caregiver pick you up whenever you need us. Not only that, our caregiver will stay throughout the trip to provide any assistance that may be needed along the way.

Whether you or your loved one needs help getting to the movies or a ride to the grocery store, we can help. Common destinations for seniors on the go include:

  • Doctor appointments
  • Grocery store or gift shopping
  • Social engagements like visiting friends and family
  • The bank or community center
  • Beauty salons

Lack of transportation can leave home-bound seniors at risk for loneliness, depression, and lack of meaningful companionship, but with New Wave Home Care seniors never need feel trapped. Our reliable, flexible caregivers help active seniors safely get where they want to go.

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