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Sam’s Corner

“Caregiving is far more than a business for me. This is the first thing I always strive to communicate to anyone who wants to learn more about senior care and home care. Since founding New Wave Home Care, I have worked to ensure that our care services meet more than just the basic needs of our clients. Caregiving requires compassion, connection, and a relationship between caregiver and client. To understand the importance of compassionate caregiving, I want to offer my own expertise and personal experiences to anyone in need of care services for themselves or their loved ones.”

– Sam Gopinathan, Founder, CEO


I’m thinking of a client we called “The Major”, an impressive older gentleman with a long and storied career as a military commander…

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Purple is her favorite color, and I was sure she would love it. But Veanne didn’t say anything at first, instead looking at it intently, blinking rapidly.

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With the pace of today’s life, family may not have the ability to take their parents around all the time.

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About Sam

A former corporate executive, New Wave Home Care founder Sam Gopinathan exchanged his fortune-500 background for a more gratifying venture — developing a new standard of geriatric care. Now a philanthropist and vocal advocate for the compassionate treatment of the elderly, Sam continues to build a culture at New Wave bearing his signature eye for even the smallest detail.

Through listening to stories, sharing laughs and providing service beyond the industry norm, Sam cultivates a unique environment at New Wave by personally valuing the time of each client. New Wave Home Care ensures the loved ones who once cared for us are given that same physical and emotional care in a genuine and empathetic manner.

Sam’s Blog

Is In-Home Care the New Normal?

The world of elderly care is changing. Like so many other industries impacted by the pandemic, the way that caregiving agencies now approach their jobs work not the same as it was just a few months ago. Since the advent of coronavirus, new protocols to [Read More...]

Taking Precautions with Elderly Gun Ownership

Firearms have a unique history in the United States, and the topic of gun control here is often controversial. You are probably familiar with some of the common discussions about gun safety, but you might not be aware that gun ownership can also produce some [Read More...]

Seeing the Human Faces of the COVID-19 Crisis

How we can address a health & safety issue with compassion When COVID-19 reached community spread in the United States, I knew right away that New Wave Home Care would face some challenges as we continued to provide elderly care. Like other essential businesses, we [Read More...]

Thanking our Caregivers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

In the past week, Americans have experienced a number of immense daily changes in an attempt to curtail the rapid spread of COVID-19. With the virus reaching pandemic status, the United States is no longer watching foreign countries deal with its impacts from afar.

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