New Wave Home Care, a locally owned in-home care agency, was founded to redefine in-home care for the elderly. Celebrating 15 years, the company has evolved beyond traditional caregiving, emphasizing the essence of enriching lives through personalized and meaningful connections. Its services include personal care, specialized care, transitional care, respite care, hospice support, injury and fall prevention, and transportation.

At the core of its philosophy is the belief that an elderly person’s life extends far beyond basic necessities. Rather than viewing care as a mere checklist, the company understands each client’s unique qualities. When a caregiver steps into a client’s life, they become an integral part, enhancing the value of the golden years through genuine engagement.

New Wave Home Care prides itself on going beyond the ordinary. The company’s extensive experience reflects a commitment to understanding and honoring clients’ individuality. In one instance, a client, a former accomplished artist confronting the challenges of advancing dementia, experienced a disconnect from her once-beloved artistic pursuits. Recognizing the profound impact of reigniting personal passions, New Wave Home Care facilitated her enrollment in a local arts class. This brought her to start painting again and holding exhibitions, and she assumed an impromptu teaching role for fellow participants.

In another instance, New Wave Home Care assisted a distinguished World War II veteran with over 20,000 flying hours. Despite grappling with dementia-induced memory loss, a visit to a flight museum became a poignant experience. Witnessing the veteran connect with each aircraft and piece of equipment, he spontaneously transformed into a knowledgeable guide for museum visitors. These narratives exemplify the organization’s distinctive approach—beyond conventional care, they delve into understanding the essence of clients, weaving their past into the present, creating meaningful and fulfilling moments in their current reality.

“We at New Wave Home Care don’t merely provide services. We craft experiences that resonate with the unique histories and identities of our clients,” says Sam Gopinathan, CEO, New Wave Home Care.

Embedded in the company’s ethos is the belief that “communication is connecting, and connecting is caring.” This mantra stems from Gopinathan’s personal revelation during a tsunami relief effort in India, emphasizing the transformative power of genuine human connection. Today, the philosophy extends beyond client interactions to internal dynamics, fostering a supportive environment within the New Wave Home Care team.

The company recognizes that caregiving is not just about completing tasks. By prioritizing effective communication, New Wave Home Care ensures that caregivers go beyond their duties to create meaningful connections, fostering a caring and supportive environment. It operates on an inverted organizational structure, placing the owner at the foundation, supporting and serving the management team which serves the caregivers. This approach underscores the company’s commitment to servant leadership, creating a collaborative atmosphere, valuing each team member.

The company’s hiring process prioritizes qualities like compassion and genuine care over specific skills, understanding that skills can be cultivated. Through in-house training and a supportive working environment, New Wave Home Care ensures its team is well-equipped to deliver on the company’s caregiving philosophy.

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New Wave Home Care stands as a beacon of compassionate caregiving, redefining the narrative around elderly care. The company weaves stories of connection, compassion, and enrichment, setting a new standard for in-home care services. Through its unique approach, New Wave Home Care exemplifies the transformative power of connecting on a human level, making a lasting impact on the lives of those it serves.