Transitional In Home Care

Avoid hospital re-admissions with our “Transitional In Home Care” team of registered nurses and certified nurses’ aides

Making the transition from a hospital back to home is often a precarious process. Not only must clients work out numerous logistics when they are likely to feel fatigued, confused, or easily overwhelmed, many people are not able to take adequate care of themselves during their first weeks back at home—often resulting in trips back to the hospital.

Our “Transitional In Home Care” team includes a registered nurse and reliable, certified nurses’ aides who can safeguard your loved one against the common pitfalls that cause many hospital re-admissions.

Our team of at home caregivers can:

  • Meet your loved one at the hospital or rehab and drive him or her home
  • Pick up prescriptions and make sure your loved one takes them on time
  • Make sure your loved one schedules and attends follow-up doctor appointments
  • Prepare nutritious meals
  • Take care of housekeeping, laundry and errands
  • Safeguard your loved one against falls and other hazards in the home
  • Help you or your loved one return home—and more importantly—stay at home

We know how frustrating and stressful it is for seniors to suffer “revolving door” hospital stays. With our personalized transitional in home care plans, you can help reduce the likelihood of re-admission due to easily avoidable or correctable issues, such as missed medications, lack of in-home care, inadequate follow-up care, and lack of transportation. Our transitional in home care services help keep your senior home safely.