Your mom has been telling you how lonely she feels since your dad passed away. You notice small changes when you visit her: her appearance is unkempt, whereas it never was before, there’s very little food in the fridge, and the kitchen looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in weeks. When you’ve spoken with her about moving into a senior care facility, she is adamant about never being “put in a home.”

What are your options? You only have a few: you move in with her, she moves in with you, or you enlist the services of a home health aide. It’s probably not feasible for you to move in with her, but are you ready, willing, and able to have her move in with you?

12 Questions to Consider Before Having an Aging Parent Move in

  1. How do my spouse and children feel about my parent moving in? How will it change our lifestyle? Can I accept that?
  2. How is my relationship with my parent? Is it healthy? Has it ever been damaged, and if so, has it been fully restored?
  3. Who will help me when I need it? Other family members? Friends? Neighbors?
  4. Where will my parent sleep? Will someone have to give up their bedroom, or do we have another room we can convert? Can we afford to build an addition to our home?
  5. How comfortable will I be helping my parent with daily living activities, such as bathing, dressing, help with toileting, or changing their undergarment?
  6. How is my health? Will I be able to care for both myself and my parent?
  7. Am I willing to accept respite care to get a break? Who can help me with that?
  8. Do I know what to expect over time as my parent’s condition changes?
  9. Will there be additional expenses to provide care? Who will pay for those new expenses – me, my parent, or both of us?
  10. Will my work situation have to change? If so, how will I cover the bills?
  11. Will my parent need care during the day? If so, how will it be provided?
  12. When will I have time for myself?

If, after answering these questions, you and your aging parent decide that having them move in with you isn’t going to work out well for either of you, there is another alternative available – home care.

Home care will allow your parent to remain in their home, the place they feel safe and where so many memories were created. They can maintain their independence (with a bit of help), and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that both of your needs are being met.

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