Caring for a parent with Alzheimer’s or dementia can be challenging, especially for some of us who aren’t familiar with dementia home care. Some of us might find it challenging to care for Alzheimer’s in our loved ones, and this may cause some distress.

Thankfully, our caregivers and medical professionals here at New Wave Home Care have some tips that can help you when dealing and caring for a parent with Alzheimer’s or dementia at home. 

Caring for an elderly with mental ailments

When an elderly at home discover they have a mental ailment such as dementia or Alzheimer’s, they may feel like it’s the end of the world. As their family and loved ones, it falls on us to help them realize that having these conditions don’t have to ruin the way they see life. Thankfully, we’re in the position to help them overcome the challenges these conditions pose with the right research and the right assistance. Here are some tips we can use to help care for a parent or an elderly with dementia at home:

  • Take note of what our medical professionals say. When we take our elderly to have their check-up, we should keep in mind what our doctors say about their condition. We should take note of the progression of their mental condition and how it can affect our elderly’s lives in the long run. 
  • Let’s keep our seniors involved in our care. When we decide to take care of our seniors with dementia, we should still consider them while we make decisions. For instance, we should think about activities they can do with limited assistance, and to provide simpler instructions to help them remember how to do tasks. This helps build independence and motivate our seniors.
  • Patience and careful instructions help a lot. Our elders with dementia and other mental ailments can find it difficult to process complex instructions and situations. When providing them with care, we should reduce distractions for them and provide them with simple choices on things they want to do. This gives them the ability to make choices that won’t strain their mental faculties.
  • Be flexible to their needs. Our elders with mental chronic conditions won’t always show improvements right away. Sometimes, they may experience days when they’re more dependent. We should stay flexible and adjust our routine to their needs. 
  • Create a safer environment for them. Seniors with mental illnesses may not be able to recognize objects or situations that are dangerous for them. This means we should actively make their environment safe for them. For instance, we should avoid clutter such as cords that can cause falls, and use locks to keep dangerous things away from them. We should also form measures to help them stay away from fire and other hazards.
  • Accept support when needed. When you experience difficulties helping your seniors at home, don’t hesitate to call for professional assistance. While we want to be the ones to take care of our elderly at home, professionals may be more equipped to do the right treatment and the right aid for our elderly. We shouldn’t hesitate to avail of their needs should we think we need their help. 

If you want to take your elderly care to the next level, our caregiver team at New Wave Home Care can provide specialized and personalized dementia home care for your elderly at home

How New Wave Home Care provides Dementia home care for your loved one

We understand how overwhelming it can be to have a family member with Alzheimer’s or dementia. We also know that not knowing how to best care for them can be a cause for concern for a lot of families. Thankfully, our team at New Wave Home Care can provide in-home care for Alzheimer’s specifically tailored for your family. Part of our specialized dementia home care services includes the following:

  • Expertise and training. We have the training and skills necessary to meet the special needs of people with Alzheimer’s and dementia. 
  • Support and compassion. We understand how distressing Alzheimer’s and dementia can be for others, and we can help support your family members that are anxious, combative, or frustrated with this condition.
  • Energy and stimulation. We can provide mind-stimulating activities and social interaction to make sure your family member’s mind stays healthy, active, and alert.
  • Hygiene and home assistance. We can give your family members the right assistance with personal hygiene and grooming, as well as tasks they want to do at home.
  • Complete care and comfort. We can help ensure your family member has the best care and comfort possible with safety supervision and preparing nutritious meals.

At New Wave Home Care, we aim to provide the best in services to provide quality of life for your family members. Thanks to our training and experience, we can help alleviate the overwhelming fear, frustration, and stress that can accompany Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia in your family members.

We’re only one call away

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