New Wave Home Care’s 24/7 telemedicine offers appointment-based virtual visits and remote monitoring for elderly patients.

Preparing for the New Normal

Telemedicine will only continue to be on demand and grow in popularity, creating new opportunities for senior in-home care services and professionals alike.

New Wave Home Care, being a non-medical service provider for the elderly, believes that this is the best time to partner with medical practitioners as part of our growing strategy and mission to better the lives of our community. Our e-visit program, Doctors on Demand offers the convenience and medical access elderly patients need and addresses other constraints most medical practices face, such as increasing appointment rates or patient visits.

Partner with us today and strengthen your ability to deliver care to a greater number of patients.

Why do New Wave Home Care’s clients choose telemedicine?

For senior clients and their family members, barriers to treatment is one of the reasons they choose telemedicine. Some of these barriers include the COVID-19 pandemic, limitations for clients who live in rural areas far from a medical care facility, and immobility for clients who are unable to transport themselves.

Transportation Access:

Despite the broad availability of transportation options in most larger cities in the United States, rural states or communities may not have such access. Telemedicine is a quick way for elderly patients who need care right now to connect with reliable, affordable care regardless of their schedule or transportation options.

Slowing the Spread of Infection:

Telemedicine eliminates the elderly’s exposure and risk of picking up an infection by going to the doctor’s office. Because this means being around people who may be sick, often in close quarters, this can be particularly dangerous for seniors with underlying conditions or weak immune systems.

Convenience and Cost:

For seniors, accessing care in the comfort and privacy of their own home is the best option. Spending less time in the hospital, less waiting time, and less commute time would also mean cost and time savings.

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