At New Wave Home Care, we are continuously working to support our seniors, as well as raise awareness for the many issues seniors face. Because so many seniors struggle to afford the care they need and deserve, we set out to raise funds and awareness in our community. On September 19, we held a fundraiser with Monrovia Tennis Club to raise both awareness and money for communities housing seniors with dementia in the San Gabriel Valley. In addition, we raised funds to support seniors in LA County. This event helps NWHC fulfill our mission of not just helping our direct clients, but senior citizens in our community. It is both our duty and passion to give back to seniors in any way we can, and thanks to this past month’s dinner hosted by Monrovia Tennis Club, we were able to do just that. 

It was an enjoyable night for us at New Wave, not only because of the company, but because we were able to bring our concerns and expertise about issues regarding senior wellbeing up for discussion. Unfortunately in the Los Angeles area, like many locations in the US, seniors struggle with the affordability of quality care. This is why it’s so important for NWHC and other organizations involved with senior care to raise awareness and support for seniors who need additional financial assistance. We hope to participate in more events in the future in which we can continue to make a positive impact on the state of senior health in our community.



Our representative, Angie and Susan. 

For those suffering from dementia, the costs required to allow for comfortable and fulfilling care late in life can be especially overwhelming. For anyone unfamiliar with the term, “dementia-friendly communities”, this refers to communities that understand and respect the special needs of those who struggle with dementia. This understanding and respect can be cultivated in any community. It can make a huge impact on the well-being and happiness of those suffering with dementia. Creating a dementia-friendly community is as simple as being open, kind, and sensitive to those living with dementia. However, this can be difficult without the proper knowledge of how to proceed. The Alzheimer’s Society states that everyone in a community, including government, business owners, community organizations, friends, and neighbors, can contribute to making their place dementia friendly. At NWHC, we are doing our part to support seniors and individuals with dementia in the Los Angeles area, and we hope you will join us in our ongoing efforts.