Mimi Brown, Director at CAPS Adult Day Care Services
“I’m Mimi Brown, Director at CAPS Adult Day Care Services and we are so honored to have “Name That Timeless Tune” as part of our program for our members. I find when the program when the “Name That Timeless Tune” starts our members are really lethargic, the day hasn’t quite started for them so their mood is rather low. By the time “Timeless Tune” is over, we are high in energy, everybody’s laughing, everybody has been up dancing and singing.
The nicest part about Name That Timeless Tune” is that everybody can participate in the way that they can either by sitting and moving their feet, clapping their hands, or getting up and dancing with lots of different partners. So “Name That Timeless Tune” has brought a spark to our daycare program.”

About “Name That Timeless Tune”

Jackie Stahl, community liaison for New Wave Home Care Senior Services developed “Name That Timeless Tune” about 14 years ago. It’s a program that anyone with any level of physical or cognitive functioning can participate in in some way. It’s a program—a fun program—that combines dancing with music trivia so seniors can exercise their minds and bodies at the same time.
New Wave Home Care has been sponsoring “Name That Timeless Tune” for several years now. It’s part of their community outreach program. So we go to assisted living communities, to senior centers, to adult day care centers, and we do the program all over the Pasadena area. We have a lot of fun. The program’s focus is fun, but it’s also therapeutic in many ways, you can really see the mood of participants rise and you can see them interacting with each other more as the program progresses. One of the places that we go we have a great deal of fun is CAPS Adult Day Care.