As just about anyone over age 50 can tell you, it’s more challenging beyond that age to remain physically active. Exercise seems as though it takes a greater toll on our bodies. Aches and pains from physical activity are constant companions. These are precisely the reasons that seniors need to stay more active as they age.

Our in-home caregivers at New Wave Home Care are carefully screened and trained, and they’re dedicated to helping seniors stay more active. Whether a senior is physically able to take brisk walks or they have limited mobility and chair-yoga is a better fit for them, we can help your senior loved one get motivated to move and stay committed to better health.

How Caregivers Are Making a Difference in the Activity Levels of Seniors

In addition to providing companionship and following best practices of injury and fall protection, the caregivers at New Wave Home Care help seniors stay more active within their physical limits. By virtue of that, they are keeping seniors healthier, happier, and living at home longer.

Here are five ways they’re doing this:

1. Motivation

The reason we join gyms and use personal trainers when we’re younger is to have someone to not only teach us new exercises but to motivate us to do them regularly. Seniors need the same thing. It helps them to learn new ways to move and stretch, and they need someone who will be there with them to keep them motivated. Our caregivers are very supportive of our seniors as they help them stay active.

2. Goal Setting

Everyone needs to be working towards something, including seniors. It’s a great confidence booster for them when they hit a goal. It could be a goal such as standing for 30 minutes a day or walking to the corner and back. Reaching small goals often leads to seniors setting the bar higher and increasing their activity level.

3. Activity Selection

Part of our initial evaluation is to learn about your senior’s health and physical condition. Based on this and your input, we select activities that your loved one can be challenged by as they safely enjoy themselves. Maybe it’s swimming, badminton, or walking around the block. We’ll find activities that keep them moving and are also fun for them.

4. Consistency

Starting to exercise is one thing, but keeping it going is another. At some point in our lives, we begin with the best of intentions, but the days between workouts begin to increase. Our caregivers provide encouragement every day to our seniors, which helps them remain consistent with their activity levels.

5. Education

For many seniors, it’s been years since they performed any exercises, and many of those exercises, like jumping jacks and pushups, are now beyond their physical capabilities. Caregivers teach seniors new exercises that are realistic for them to do safely. Learning these new exercises is not only good for physical fitness levels for the senior, but it’s also good for their mental acuity.

Let Our In-Home Caregivers Help Keep Your Loved One Active

Our in-home caregivers at New Wave Home Care can help seniors stay active while providing the friendship they need and deserve. Aging doesn’t have to be faced alone. We’re there to help them age more gracefully, happily, and healthier.

Contact us today for a no-cost, no-obligation home visit for us to meet your loved one and determine how we can help. We’ll match them with one of our caregivers who will provide the customized care your loved one needs.