Chronic disease can affect families in different ways, most especially the lives of the elderly. If you have a senior at home with these kinds of illnesses, you may need to avail of special care for chronic conditions

Thankfully, our team of caregivers and medical professionals here at New Wave Home Care can provide personalized in-home care for the elderly with chronic conditions. However, before you schedule an appointment with our team, you may want to learn about how chronic diseases and conditions affect the elderly. 

How Does Chronic Disease Affect the Lives of the Elderly?

When we discover an elderly family member has a chronic disease, life might seem a bit bleaker. Fortunately, medical professionals and researchers have been devoting their time to understanding the various effects of these conditions on our daily lives. Their studies, which belong to a concept called health-related quality of life, say chronic illnesses can affect our lives – and the lives of our seniors – across different levels. The World Health Organization measures quality of life for older adults based on the following domains or effects:

Sensory Abilities

Sensory abilities may be affected by chronic diseases. Chronic illnesses such as diabetes may lead to problems with senses such as smell and taste, which can affect a senior’s appreciation of food or the environment around them.


Autonomy may be impacted by chronic disease. Some illnesses may affect the way they control their body or freedom to make decisions for themselves. For instance, arthritis may constantly hinder our seniors from moving around and enjoying the environment.

Past, Present and Future Abilities

Past, present, and future abilities may be hindered by the long-term impact of their chronic illnesses. Conditions such as cancer or even mental conditions like dementia may hinder the way our seniors can live their daily lives

Social Participation

Social participation may be affected by chronic diseases. Conditions, especially mental ailments such as dementia and Alzheimer’s, can affect the way our seniors interact with others around them. Unfortunately, these conditions may cause their minds to slowly deteriorate over time, which can only be maintained by proper care.

Perception of Death and Dying

Perception of death and dying may be altered and affected by chronic illnesses. While we all have our own thoughts on death and dying, our seniors may form different perceptions on the matter based on their conditions. Mental conditions such as depression may make a senior’s perception of death much bleaker. That is why we have to be there for them to help them be more optimistic. 


Intimacy may be affected by chronic diseases. Certain chronic diseases may affect the way we interact with seniors, especially if the ailment they have needs our constant care and attention. Thankfully, our interactions with our seniors to help take care of them can give them the feeling of comfort they may need.

According to research, multiple factors within these domains interact with each other and can affect the way our seniors perceive life in general. These are also some of the elements considered by caregiver teams to personalize the care and treatment they may provide to our seniors. Thankfully, our team at New Wave Home Care is equipped with the training and the expertise to provide only the best of care for our seniors. We understand how sensitive our senior’s situations can become, and we want to help make them feel cared for and comforted during their time of need.

New Wave Home Care’s Special In-Home Care for Chronic Conditions

New Wave Home Care understands how our elderly family members may need special care for chronic disease and conditions. Providing proper care and comfort for seniors with chronic conditions can help them live a fuller and more rewarding life. Our team of caregivers has specialized skills and training to help family members understand and cope with their conditions. Most importantly, they are equipped with energy, respect, and compassion to help them maintain our clients quality of life.

New Wave Home Care works with primary caregivers to provide a wide variety of special care for chronic conditions. This is in line with our pursuit to provide only the best in care for our clients. Services we offer for elderly care with chronic conditions include:

  • Prevention of hospital stays and readmissions through effective and careful management.
  • Helping clients with maintaining their quality of life.
  • Monitoring their health condition and other nutritional requirements, such as medication schedules and dietary needs.
  • Preventing unnecessary emergency care and exacerbation of their condition through specialized care and management. 
  • Promotion of healthy communication and collaboration between healthcare providers and facilities.

We understand that senior care can be complicated by chronic conditions such as terminal illnesses and diabetes. As such, our team can make sure family members can have the best care they need for their condition. Our clients rely on us to provide elderly care with chronic conditions as comfortable as possible for their loved ones.

Home Safety Checks from Professional Caregivers

Home safety checks are an invaluable resource that provides home safety for seniors. While a senior’s family and friends can check in on them regularly, periodic professional home safety checks can make fall prevention and other accident prevention far more effective. Enlisting the help of a caregiving professional can make home safety checks easier and more advantageous. Caregivers are trained to maintain a safe home environment, and help their clients with physical needs throughout the day. They can help seniors and their loved ones follow the best home safety guidelines possible preventing accidents around the home. 

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Periodic check-ins can provide significant emotional benefits as well. Regular in-home visits can provide many elderly adults with an enjoyable sense of connection. Our caregivers always connect with clients on a deep level. They ensure their safety requires more than simply checking off points on a list. With our in-home safety services, we can ensure that all of our clients are not only safe from preventable accidents but as happy and content as possible.