Dear Monrovia Providers:
I am pleased to present your organization with a modest gift in conjunction with your Wine Tasting event.
I am privileged to partner with two of Monrovia Providers outstanding members – Sam Gopinathan (this evening’s fund raising Chair) and Lorraine Cummings.  This gift is a direct result of their incredible dedication to their professional disciplines and the collegial team work on behalf of my clients.  We have shared many heartfelt and bittersweet moments, including one noteworthy conservatorship case that involved pancake syrup, kitty litter, a road trip and a restraining order, who says we don’t have fun!
The service your organization provides to the community is amazing – Thank you for all you do on behalf of the community and the seniors whose lives your members directly impact.
Onward and Upward –
Best Wishes for your continued Mission,
Pat Barr
California Professional Fiduciary #87