Having an elderly loved one enrolled in an assisted living facility in Altadena may be a good idea for some families for a variety of reasons. One of which is that these institutions have ease of access to all the needs of the senior individual, ranging from physical to psychological or emotional needs, resulting in providing seamless care..

With the current health situation in the world today,  seniors and their loved ones are now shifting to quality alternatives, particularly home care. As a result, home care agencies in Altadena are now becoming a top-of-mind option for families living with a senior.

A Safe Place to Live

One of the reasons elderly people choose home care is for their safety. It is a known fact that they are most vulnerable during these times, so having them in a place with many other people around increases the possibility of getting infected. 

Especially nowadays, as a result of the pandemic, there is increased awareness of the vulnerability to infection, so families are choosing to stay away from options where the health of their loved ones could be compromised. 

Right now, there is no safer place for our elderly loved ones to take shelter in than at home, especially in light of the pandemic-induced health protocols set forth by many  governments. 

Privacy and Independence

Assisted living facilities provide a place for seniors to remain active and mobile, yet some of their restrictions and procedures place a limit on their privacy and independence. 

People in this stage of their life tend to be more sensitive about their environment; that is why some of them prefer to be taken care of in the comfort of their own homes, rather than a facility where they would feel less restricted.

Home care workers also have high regard for their patient’s private life, so  do not cross certain boundaries where their services end.

Participation in the Care Program

Another benefit of hiring a home care agency in Altadena is to keep the elderly individuals closest to their family members. This approach gives them a sense of security in knowing that their loved ones are close by when they need them.  

It also provides their family with a more significant role in the care-giving plan, making it even more personalized and relative to the patient.

This method of care also encourages open communication for the family and the caregiver in providing and receiving updates about a patient’s status.

family member with an elderly loved one

Peace of Mind

In-home care services provide personalized care plans that suit their patient’s lifestyles, habits, and ways of living. This alone sets them apart already from other nursing care institutions who have a diverse approach in looking after their patients. 

While these facilities can accommodate large groups of seniors in their program, the trust and preference of families of senior individuals remain with home care agencies. 

Your and your senior’s peace of mind is a major factor to consider in choosing your care partner. Rapport, integrity, trust, reliability, knowledge/experience, all go into a complete decision of which caregiver to engage. So make sure to be mindful of all the pros and cons of choosing a partner first before sealing the deal. 

You would not want the “ghost of regret” chasing away your sleep!

Being With Someone Relatable

Feelings of loneliness and isolation can adversely affect the health of our senior loved ones. That is why it is essential to ensure that somebody is always available not only to look after and check on them but also to make sure that they have somebody around to converse with and have a meaningful human connection with.. 

The personalized approach  is common practice in homecare agencies, as  it  yields the most  positive effects to seniors who want a more personalized experience.. 

Aside from getting somebody to chitchat, they would also have someone to oversee their daily activities, especially to  assist and help them when needed.


We know how expensive professional nursing care providers could be in an assisted living facility. On top of that, there are also other additional  fees charged by nursing homes to their patients, that when summed up, could be an added burden to the individuals.

That is why home care agencies are ideal for people  looking for a more affordable alternative to a nursing home without compromising the quality of care given to their loved ones.

Improved Quality of Life

One of the goals of home care specialists is to ensure that, as a caregiver, they would be able to help with the struggles of their patients by making their life simpler. Simpler life for them will result in  a calmer and relaxed environment for everyone! 

At this stage, older individuals could now be able to spend quality time with their favorite pastimes or habits that they may have missed, such as tending the garden, taking a walk in the neighborhood or preparing their favorite food., etc.

Improved quality of life means there will be more time now for them to spend with their loved ones at the comfort of their home and see themselves active in family gatherings and celebrations.