It is clear to me that right now it is more important than ever to express my appreciation and support for the diverse members of our community. In the midst of the extreme social impact of COVID-19 and the great social unrest of many citizens of this country, I want to take the time to reiterate my beliefs of equality as a business owner and employer.


New Wave Home Care will always continue to be an equal opportunity employer. I will never deny employment to anyone based on their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, or age. Likewise, I will never condone harassment against any of my employees due to any of these factors.


That being said, our employment process is rigorous. We have high standards for the expertise and capability of our caregiving staff. To qualify as a caregiver, one must complete and meet training expectations, hold a high level of expertise in the caregiving field, and meet the physical demands that come with caring for others. 


At New Wave, providing skilled and compassionate care is our priority. When hiring caregivers, I consider the skill and dedication of my staff–not their appearance or identity. 


Furthermore, I promise to always support everyone in the New Wave Home Care community and embrace diversity. Many understand that a bouquet looks more beautiful with a wider variety of flowers. Similarly, the New Wave workforce benefits from a diversity of backgrounds and types of people. I am not just tolerant of this diversity–I am thankful for it!


Our mission is to provide compassionate care that comes from the heart. As New Wave’s founder and CEO, it is my duty to cultivate this compassion from the ground up. Starting with gratitude and fair treatment for my employees, I am determined to continue to provide elderly care that reflects these values of inclusivity and understanding.  




Sam Gopinathan


(Owner & CEO, New Wave Home Care)