Since the advent of COVID-19, our world has changed immensely in just a few months. With nearly all aspects of our personal and professional lives impacted by this pandemic, we have all had to make some sacrifices, as well as adjust to new “normals”. In the world of health care, this means adapting to remote medical appointments. Social distancing efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19 and prevent overcrowding in hospitals is now making telemedicine the new normal when it comes to doctor’s visits. 

Utilizing phone and video calling, telemedicine allows for healthcare professionals to conduct a large percentage of medical appointments remotely, cutting down on the need for in-person contact. Not only does telemedicine protect both doctors and patients from community spread of COVID-19, but it addresses the barriers of accessibility to medical care that many Americans face. Doctors are increasingly turning to telemedicine as an answer to obstacles of transportation, overcrowding in hospitals, and affordability, suggesting that the practice will continue to persist as a standard in medical care for years to come. These services offer particular promise for the elderly, a demographic that often struggles more than any other to access much needed medical services. Our own clients are overwhelmingly opting for telemedicine, as are many elderly individuals at large.

Considering the emerging importance of telemedicine throughout the era of COVID-19 and beyond, New Wave Home Care is now working to make these services easily available to our clients. Our latest program, New Wave e-Visit: Doctors on Demand will provide elderly patients with convenient and safe medical access while helping to mitigate the increasing obstacles posed by in-person medical appointments. By partnering with doctors to offer 24/7 access to telemedical services, we are proud to be at the forefront of one of the new norms in both the home care and medical industry. 

As a leading elderly care provider, New Wave Home Care is not only committed to providing superb in-home care but responding to the medical needs of our clients. We are here to help you adjust to new standards in elderly care by providing guidance along the way. If telehealth services sound beneficial to you or a loved one, we are always available to provide more information on New Wave e-Visit: Doctors on Demand.

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