On September 20, 2021, our New Wave family lost a dear colleague. Susan Callens passed away after a lengthy illness.

Susan was an integral part of our team for 4 years until she retired.

Susan Callen's nursing graduation photo.

Susan’s nursing graduation photo.

“Lamp of Knowledge” - a symbol of nursing and higher learning

“Lamp of Knowledge” – a symbol of nursing and higher learning.

After working as a pharmacy tech, Susan decided to go back to school and earned her BS degree in nursing with a specialty in public health nursing.  Her knowledge of pharmaceuticals, as well as nursing, greatly enhanced the care she gave our clients and the education she gave to our caregivers.

She had varied roles during her time with our company: she met with new clients, wrote out Plans of Care, trained new caregivers, and introduced caregivers on their first day on an assignment. When we needed someone to cover a shift, Susan was willing to go the extra mile and help us strive to provide quality care. Susan’s warmth and compassion showed through in everything she did.

Witchy Susan - New Wave - Halloween 2019

Witchy Susan – New Wave – Halloween 2019

Her sense of humor was infectious. She brought a lot of joy to every situation in which she participated. Her office nickname was “Trouble Maker” since she was always stirring up trouble.

Ugly Sweater Day at New Wave - 2019

Ugly Sweater Day at New Wave – 2019

Susan was a member of Eastern Star along with her husband Jim. Both enjoyed giving back to their community helping others through various activities and philanthropy.

Susan and her son Randy at a Ducks game

Susan and her son Randy at a Ducks game.

Along with her family, Susan was an avid fan of the Los Angeles Angels and the Anaheim Ducks.  She and her son, Randy, would often attend games together. 

Susan is survived by Jim, her sons David and Randy, her daughter-in-law Kelly and grandchildren, Kaitlin and Matthew, her brother Harold and sister Irene and in addition, Jim’s daughter-in-law Debbie, grandsons Mark, Jason and his family Amanda, great-grandsons Conner, Wyatt, and Owen.”

Dear Susan – you will be in our hearts always.  We toast your memory with a mango margarita, your favorite drink!