Remembering Colonel Don Carver for Veteran’s Day. We were so honored to serve Colonel Carver in his golden years.

Colonel Carver was a very decorated WWII veteran with over 25,000 air miles. Born on the family farm, in Spencer County, Indiana March 30, 1920. His early years were spent with his parents, three siblings, and many cousins.

After he graduated from High School and soon after the War started in Europe, Don and his older brother Harold (1915-2013) hitchhiked to Canada. They both joined the Royal Canadian Air Force and trained to be Pilots. After qualifying, they returned to the States and joined the Army Air Force. Don flew all during World War II including the heroic Berlin Airlift. During the Cold War, Don spent a decade stationed on several bases in Asia. During his 22nd year in the USAF, he was offered the opportunity and promotion as a Pilot for Air Force One – he was also recruited by Air America. He retired from the USAF (1965) and continued flying for Air America. He flew 25,000 plus air miles under dangerous and clandestine deployments during the height of the Vietnam War.

Retiring to his home in Monrovia, California, he cared for his wife Leonn until her death in 1984. He began attending the local YMCA, where he exercised and taught Swim-Tastics, nicknamed Aqua Man. He was in the pool and gym regularly until 2012. Many caring and supportive caregivers enhanced the sunset of his life. In March 2015, he moved to Solheim Lutheran Home. Where he continued to thrive and became a beloved member of the Solheim family. His last flight was back to his native Spencer County, Indiana, to be laid to rest on June 18, 2016 among generations of loved ones.

Thank you for your service, Colonel Carver. You will always be in our hearts.

Credits:- Published by Pasadena Star-News on May 22, 2016.