We at New Wave Home Care understand that recent events about the Coronavirus pandemic can make us feel like we’re alone in our situation. Lockdowns and stay-at-home procedures have made it seem like we’re left off to fend for ourselves, and that hope seems a long way off. We want to change this perspective. 


We’re glad to let you know that we’re not alone in this journey to deal with COVID-19. In fact, it’s not just us – you, your family, and our caregivers – that’s in this fight. We have fellow caregiving agencies and our partner organizations that are also ready to help us deal with the Coronavirus pandemic.


Let’s fight our fear with partnerships


We understand that the Coronavirus pandemic has made a lot of us anxious about our family’s health and our safety. However, a key method of dealing with this anxiety is for us to remember that we’re often afraid of things we don’t understand. Our lack of knowledge about COVID-19 can make the Coronavirus an overwhelming threat – but it’s a threat that we can deal with, provided we have the right approach.


And here at New Wave Home Care, part of our holistic approach to our care services involves making sure our clients and their families stay aware of the many things that can affect their health. This, in turn, makes our services tailored specifically to your needs.


In today’s times when the COVID-19 pandemic can cause worry amongst our clients, New Wave has made it its goal to connect with other caregiving services. This helps us ensure we get access to the best information, the best resources, and the best practices we can share with our caregivers and our clients.


Forming a strong network with a strong plan


New Wave Home Care is a part of a network of caregiving groups that aim to provide only the highest standard in care services. And in troubling times such as today with COVID-19, it’s our connections to this network and its many members that allow us to form plans that put our clients front and center. It’s through this network that we’re also able to identify key issues we might face and plan ahead to face them.


New Wave is on the board of the Monrovia Providers Group (MPG), a community of agencies with a goal of providing local assistance, resources, and reliable information to seniors and their families. With their help, we’ve managed to raise funds to make much-needed food deliveries for homebound seniors in need of food aid. MPG, alongside a local chef, have raised over USD 2,000 to deliver meals to seniors throughout our community. Our initiative with MPG is just one of many efforts New Wave and our partners have made to ensure our community of seniors receive the best care they need. Other initiatives include:


  • We’ve formed a group of local professionals. We share resources and tips throughout this pandemic. This helped New Wave and their own agencies stay on top of updates that can help us plan ahead.
  • We regularly conduct meetings with our network. This helps us identify key problems that need urgent solutions, or to create forecasts of potential issues we may face and how we can deal with them efficiently. 
  • We formed partnerships with other relevant organizations. We’ve partnered with a local grocery outlet that allowed our caregivers to go on behalf of their senior clients to make purchases. This helps solve the problem our clients have with some stores that require our clients to make purchases themselves. Thanks to our partnership with this local grocery, we can now deliver much-needed supplies to our clients in a consistent manner. 


We do all of these, and we will continue to make all of these efforts, to let you and your family know that health care doesn’t stop just because we have a Coronavirus pandemic. Thanks to our proactive approach, New Wave is able to continue providing great care for your loved one.


A united front for our clients, against COVID-19


We’re not alone in this quest to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic. Aside from you, your families, and our caregivers, our connections to other caregiving agencies have helped us provide more holistic healthcare services to all of our clients.


Our efforts as a caregiver collective have made our approach more consistent and more in-line with our goal to provide the best service to you. In this crisis, we are glad to say that New Wave Home Care is not alone in prioritizing client health and caregiver safety. And as a caregiving service, we are proud to have helped other caregiving services improve their own processes to improve their service to their clients. 


We’re just a click away


We know the Coronavirus pandemic can make us very anxious, but we can fight this fear by doing our best to prepare and to protect our families. We recommend that you follow our tips in our Preparedness Questionnaire and to follow the official health guidelines from the Centers of Disease Control. This helps us stay alert and up-to-date with the latest information on the Coronavirus pandemic.


We at New Wave Home Care are always available to give you the best in care services, and this includes helping you get through the Coronavirus pandemic. You can read more about our stand in this statement. You can also reach us through this form, and through our website’s chatbot and virtual assistant.