We at New Wave Home Care take pride of our holistic approach to providing only the best in care services for our clients and their families. Our client-centered approach allows us to make healthcare services tailor-fit for our clients’ needs. And we will continue this kind of service even with the Coronavirus pandemic. We would like to extend our thanks to our clients and their family as New Wave couldn’t have done our great services without their cooperation.

Planning for COVID-19: A holistic approach

Plans can be great depending on how they’re managed. Our New Wave Home Care team made our COVID-19 preparedness plan dependent on some key factors:

  • We want to stop the spread of fear about the Coronavirus. Our fear of the unknown can start panic, and this is understandable. In this case, our lack of knowledge about COVID-19 can make it extremely scary. However, medical advancements today have given us various procedures and best practices to protect us from various viruses. Our caregivers are trained in the provision of these services, and we can help attain the best protection clients need in these situations.
  • We want to stop clients from going out of the house. Leaving our homes can be the biggest risk factor in acquiring the Coronavirus. As part of our care services, we want to make sure clients don’t have to leave the house unless completely necessary. We want to make grocery shopping online, and we want supplies to be delivered to clients without any contact from the outside. 

With these factors in mind, we’ve made the most appropriate plans to make sure our clients get the best in care services, that our caregivers stay protected and supported, and that we help our partners have a more holistic approach in dealing with the Coronavirus. 

Collaboration with Clients

We at New Wave Home Care salute our clients, their  families, and parties responsible for clients. Their cooperation with our caregivers despite these troubling times has allowed us to deliver exemplary services. 

We requested our clients, their families, and parties responsible for clients to collaborate with our caregivers and the New Wave admin so we could stay safe and secure in these times. Here are some of the primary things we have coordinated with our clients with:

  • Stocking up on supplies.  We asked clients and family members to probe the status of their supplies for the next 2-4 weeks. These included food and hygiene products. We asked them to purchase the necessary supplies online or through our admin team to make sure they didn’t have to go outside.
  • Pending appointments. Our caregivers asked clients to look into any appointments in the coming days- whether personal or medical. These included social appointments, shopping, visitors, and even doctor appointments. For most of these appointments, our clients did consider cancelling or rescheduling them for some other time to ensure less exposure. We also helped schedule virtual appointments for some clients.
  • Communication with doctors. For our clients who needed to see their doctor for appointments, we reached out and talked with some of their physicians to ask about the urgency of any pending procedures, and if we could reschedule them for after the pandemic. For procedures that were urgent, we coordinated and arranged accordingly to make the necessary procedures happen. It was paramount that we intervened especially for those clients who did not have anyone else available to help them, our caregivers were there to ensure everything was well taken care of. 
Always ready to adapt

Sadly, we can’t predict what the local government response to the Coronavirus would be like in the coming weeks. However, our New Wave Home Care team has the training to adapt to various situations and make the right calls to ensure our client’s care services are provided for. This allows us to help them and their family get the best in care services regardless of how strict or how specific local government guidelines become. Here are some of our considerations:

  • We always refer to reputable health authorities for our information. With limited knowledge of the true nature of COVID-19, we constantly stay updated with announcements from reputable sources such as the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control. We also stay in touch with our network of local healthcare providers for more information.
  • We coordinate with local authorities to make adjustments to our clients’ living conditions. We keep in touch with people like the National Guard and other local bodies to make adjustments to our services as needed. We need to work with authorities to make sure we can curb the Coronavirus’ spread, and we at New Wave want to do our part.
  • We conduct regular stress-tests with both our clients and caregivers. These stress tests allow us to identify crucial scenarios that can affect the way we can give service to our clients. By routinely conducting these tests, our clients and caregivers can give the New Wave team new insights and new approaches to help deal with these situations should the need arise. These include situations such as schools closing down, caregivers not being able to go to clients due to emergencies, and other scenarios. 
We’re always within reach

We won’t let our clients deal with the Coronavirus pandemic alone. We at New Wave Home Care have the above steps prepared to help them get equipped with the right knowledge and the right habits to combat the COVID-19 virus. We recommend taking note of our tips in our Preparedness Questionnaire and to follow the official health guidelines from the Centers of Disease Control. Doing these steps can add the extra protection needed to help avoid acquiring the Coronavirus.

If you want to get in touch with our team, don’t hesitate to reach us with our website’s virtual assistant, chatbot, or through this form. Our founder also explains our team’s perspective on the Coronavirus pandemic in this announcement.