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When you’re taking care of an aging loved one, taking their medication exactly when they are prescribed to take it is vital to staying healthy. Doing so should be an easy task, but sometimes you just forget. 

Good thing there are medication reminders services for seniors that are available that simplify such an important task. With the use of many devices, latest technology, and apps, care providers get the assistance they need in keeping track of their patients’ medical needs.

Taking care of seniors can be physically draining so medication reminders are a great way of helping you save a little brainpower. Prescriptions can be very specific for every individual, thus, getting all medication info organized and tracked is necessary

Whether you are taking care of an aging or sick family member or basically taking care of your own health, medication reminders are one of the most useful innovations in the aspect of medical care. 

Best Medication Reminders Apps that Caregivers for Seniors Should Know About

An average senior takes about 2 or more daily medications. As their bodies deteriorate due to old age, their bodies change the way they respond to medications. All these may create great health risks when not taken properly due to drug interactions and side effects. 

The more medication the care-receiver must take daily, the easier it is to get confused and lose track of the dosage and when they should be taken. From balancing schedules, remembering medication, tracking symptoms, and other specialized help, all these aids in alleviating some of the stress that come with caregiving.

Here are some of the best medication reminder apps that caregivers may need to make things easier in 2020: 

1. CareZone 

CareZone offers several handy features that help caregivers keep track of medical information by organizing prescriptions, health conditions, doctor appointments, including ID and insurance cards all kept in one place.

This app allows you to scan pill bottles to instantly create a detailed list of medication to share with doctors during scheduled check-ups which the app can make a reminder of. CareZone also curates news that is relevant to your loved one’s illness or disability.

The CareZone app can be downloaded for free for iPhone or Android devices. 

2. Dementia Talk 

If you are caring for someone with dementia, Dementia Talk is a handy mobile caregiving app that helps caregivers deal with loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. This app helps family members and caregivers respond to the challenging behaviors that individuals with such conditions have at home. 

This app includes a behavior tracker, care plan, medication lists and a scheduler to help you organize your loved one’s medical needs. 

This app is also free for download at App Store and Google Play. 

3. Medisafe 

Medisafe is a user-friendly medication reminder that delivers Just-In-Time-Interventions (JITI) and engagement resources to keep the patients updated with their condition. This app offers tips, progress reports, refill reminders, as well as discounted prescription, offers that they may avail. 

Medisafe is an efficient app that helps patients and caregivers keep track of their overall treatment to ensure that the patient is in a maintained healthy condition. Health care providers may be connected to an account for free and can be downloaded for free at App Store and Google Play.

4. MyMeds 

This app connects patients, family members, caregivers, health care providers and medication providers to facilitate interaction for a more convenient way of monitoring the patient’s condition. 

Using real-time data interactions, patients can easily use their mobile to update their caregivers if they have taken the med via text message. Family members and caretakers can be added to the tracking list to get updated about their family member’s medication. Caregivers and patients can set up med reminders as well as chat with pharmacists to identify better options for their meds in terms of prices or brands. 

This app can be downloaded for free on any iPhone and Android devices. 

5. Caring Village 

Caring Village is a caregiver app that allows you to create a care team to plan for a coordinate care such as arranging transportation and meals, errands and keeping track of medication. It also offers an in-app messaging feature, preparedness checklist and wellness journal. It also allows you to store essential documents in one place so you can access them whenever needed. 

This app offers its users peace of mind about staying updated with their loved one’s care plan. This app is available for free at the App Store and Google Play.

Being a caregiver for a family member can be both rewarding and tiring so they need all the support and help that they can get. While a support network is crucial, caregiver apps are a great help managing the work and alleviating the stress that come from fulfilling the role of a caregiver.