Nearly 40-percent of adults 65 years and older have one disability. These difficulties can be in the form of trouble doing routine tasks, cognitive conditions, and mobility concerns. Not only that, but the same number of seniors may have problems with memory by the time they reach that age. These troubles can make it hard for seniors to keep their daily routines organized.

However, these difficulties don’t mean we can no longer help our seniors have better lives. In this article, we’ll explore ways of assisting seniors in getting more organized and remembering their medication.

How Can We Help Seniors Remember to Take Medicine?

Our seniors need to take the right medication at the right time to be in their best condition. This schedule, alongside the proper diet and exercise, can help seniors enjoy their lives. Unfortunately, not all seniors are capable of remembering their medicine schedule. However, we can help our seniors be more organized with their medicine routine with these tips:

  • Put all their medication in one place. The best first step to organizing our senior’s medication schedule is ensuring they have easy access to their medicine. It’s best if we have a medicine cabinet or a medicine organizer prepared to keep all sorts of medicine neatly sorted. Let’s remember to store this organizer in a dry and cool place, as heat and moisture can affect drugs. This will make medication reminders for dementia patients much easier, as they may not be able to keep track of all their medicines. 
  • Maintain a medication list to keep track of how much medicine we have. We should help seniors remember what medications they should take. An excellent way to do this is to keep a record of each medicine our seniors take, how often they should take the item, and how much of that item they should take. We should also take note of who prescribed each medication and the purpose of these medicines. This will help us make medication reminders for seniors much easier. 
  • Try to keep medicine sorted weekly. Aside from storing all medication in a container, we should also try organizing our senior’s dose per week. If possible, we should get organizers with multiple compartments so we can quickly sort out medicine for our seniors’ convenience. 
  • Plan our refills ahead of time. Another essential tip to help seniors organize their medicine intake is to help them remember to refill their supply of medicine regularly. If possible, we can ask pharmacies to give amounts for a prolonged period for long-term medication. That way, we only need to keep track of refills every few months. 

How Can We Help Seniors Get Organized?

Aside from medication schedules, seniors may also experience difficulty in organizing their daily routine. This difficulty may be due to existing conditions, or the lack of specialized assistance. Here are some ways we can help seniors get more organized with their daily routine:

  • Look at potential problems they can encounter at home. We can help seniors get more organized by identifying parts of the house that need attention. Are some parts of the home overstocked or dirty? Are there areas at home that have hazards like obstacles?
  • Remove hazards and repair items in areas seniors frequently visit. We want our seniors to be as mobile as possible. We can help them achieve this by removing or fixing hazards we encounter at homes, such as scattered wires and broken furniture.
  • Keep the home open and bright for movement. Our seniors may have difficulties interacting with objects and viewing the environment, especially at night. We should make sure there’s adequate lighting so our seniors can see no matter the part of the day. We should have windows and mirrors to increase brightness at home and sufficient lights at night. Moreover, we should try to keep living spaces as open as possible so seniors won’t have difficulty moving. 
  • Make essential items visible and easy to access. Necessary things such as medicine, eyeglasses, and other relevant objects should be in spaces our seniors can easily access. These spaces can be in the form of a tabletop or a designated desk in their rooms. This can help medication reminders for seniors much easier to do, as everything they need is in one place. 
  • We should store relevant documents and bills in secure spaces. We should help seniors access relevant documents quickly in secure areas at home. These can be in the form of safes or desks that they can get to whenever they need to use them. 

Helping Our Clients Get the Right Care

We at New Wave Home Care understand that as family members and people who care for seniors, we want to be there whenever they need our help. However, some aspects of care need special skills and training to help our seniors with their needs. Thankfully, our team of caretakers has the skills and the training necessary to provide the best care for seniors that need them.

We can provide a wide variety of personalized services tailor-made for a senior’s needs. These services include the following:

  • We can provide medication reminders. We offer services to help seniors manage their medications on depression, fatigue, chronic pain, or memory loss. Our team knows keeping track of intake schedules can be difficult, and we help clients solve this through reminders, pick-ups, and accompanying clients to appointments.
  • We have personalized non-medical care. Aside from medication reminders, we can help seniors organize their daily routines. Our caregivers can help them with walking around, toileting, dressing, bathing, and grooming. This help can help give seniors a sense of freedom and independence.
  • We have specialized dementia care. Caring for seniors with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia need specialized assistance, and our team has the skills to provide seniors with the adequate support they need. Our caregivers can help provide ample in-home help through medication reminders and safety supervision, as well as mentally-stimulating activities. 

Senior Care is Just a Call Away

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