“Who is there?” Very Often you here this troubled and unsure voice from other side of the door. I was visiting with an elderly friend recently and she brought up this issue of her friend who is currently getting some home care services from another agency.
“Nancy, my caregiver could not make it today and they sent another caregiver Claudia after about two hours. What is challenging for me is that I have never met Claudia before and I don’t know what she looks like. I am in wheel chair myself and I feel very vulnerable opening the door to a stranger”.  Betsy, my friend brought up this conversation to highlight some of the good approaches we have adopted.
In similar situations at New Wave Home Care, the client is always introduced to the new care giver by someone who has met the client before. The difference is our client is meeting with someone they already know. “It makes a huge difference” Betsy insists, “you know you are meeting with someone you know and I feel lot more comfortable opening the doors”. Good point.
What we have learned so far is to think from the client’s perspective. Seniors in their golden years feels vulnerable in unfamiliar situations. Our promise to our clients is that at no time will they every have to face a stranger at the door who claims to be representing our agency. My biggest benefit has been that I get to meet my client and connect with them. I enjoy their company so much that sometimes Betsy warns me “Sam, you need to get back to your office and run your business”. I gently remind her, “Betsy, you ARE my business”. I am enjoying every moment I spend with the seniors!