By definition, family caregivers are care “givers.” They continuously give of themselves – their time, physical efforts, emotional support, and love. These are all kind, unselfish acts that not only empower caregivers but can also deplete their energy at times – physically and emotionally. Like everyone else, caregivers can end up feeling drained and that they have nothing left of themselves to give. It’s at times like these that caregivers need to be given some care. Home care can help. When most people think of home care, they think of a senior being cared for. But, home care is also very beneficial for a family caregiver. Here are three ways that home care provides care for the caregiver.

It allows them to rest and recharge

Caregivers often burn the candle at both ends. They’re not only responsible for caring for a loved one, but are often married and have children and careers. Ultimately, they can “run out of gas” and need to take time to catch their breath.

Home care agencies help family caregivers feel refreshed. Through respite care, a professional caregiver skillfully watches over and helps an aging family member while the family caregiver practices some healthy self-care, whether it be for a day or two, or a week at a time.

It lets family caregivers enjoy other pursuits

When a family member begins caring for an aging adult, they can eventually lose their sense of self. They no longer have the time to participate in activities or hobbies that were once an important component of their lives.

Between caregiving, family, and work obligations, most caregivers have very little time for themselves and enjoy their favorite pastimes. Whether it’s a sport they enjoy (tennis, swimming, golf, etc.), a hobby (crocheting, scrap-booking, gardening), or just time to catch a movie or read a good book while enjoying a warm bath, caregivers need blocks of time to enjoy life. Home care free’s up hours for caregivers to get out and experience life. They may not have the same amount of free time they once did, but it helps family caregivers get out of the house and enjoy themselves from time to time.

Home care provides a caregiver with peace of mind

Many family caregivers are reluctant to receive outside help for fear that their loved ones won’t receive the level of care they need and are used to. Family caregivers who utilize professional caregivers feel much more confident when a professional provides the level of care necessary for a loved one to remain at home.

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