For family caregivers, being a companion for your loved one isn’t always easy. Considering all your other responsibilities, coming up with creative ways to keep them engaged can be challenging. In addition, seeing aging loved one glued to the television or staring out the window can be heart-wrenching. But companion care isn’t just about talking and playing games. It’s also about helping a senior live their best life safely and healthily. Good companion care improves a senior’s quality of life. Based on our experience at New Wave Home Care in Pasadena, here are a few tips on companionship for older adults.

Keep their brain engaged

Keeping your loved one’s brain engaged is crucial for their overall well-being. While playing board games and doing puzzles together is fun, having your senior engage in a hobby they can enjoy regularly works wonders.

Many seniors enjoy beginning new hobbies later in life. Perhaps there’s an instrument they’d like to learn how to play or a language they’ve always wanted to speak. Knitting, crocheting, gardening, photography, taking online courses – the possibilities are almost limitless.

Make their home as safe as possible

Keeping your senior’s home safe improves their quality of life. It lessens their chance of injury and helps them feel comfortable and secure at home. Many seniors have a fear of falling and breaking an arm or hip. Lower the possibility of that happening by reducing clutter, installing grab rails in the bathroom, and having good lighting in stairways and hallways.

Help them get outside more

Being outside can work wonders for improving a senior’s mood and outlook on life. Fresh air and sunshine can rejuvenate an older adult who’s been cooped up inside for an extended period.

Connecting with nature, even in their own backyard, is good for their physical and mental health. Be sure, though, to keep them protected from the sun’s harsh rays with a hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses.

Boost their physical activity

If your loved one isn’t as active as they could and should be, help them increase their physical activity. Go for walks together or put a fitness plan together for them after consulting with their doctor and making sure they can start exercising.

Ensure they’re eating healthy foods

Healthy foods make a big difference in a senior’s quality of life. They suffer physically and mentally when they’re not eating regularly or eating foods that aren’t nourishing their bodies.

Make sure your loved one is getting an ample supply of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and fish or lean meat. Keep healthy snacks available for them, and be sure they stay hydrated.

Companion Care From New Wave Home Care

Companion care is one of the senior care services we offer at New Wave Home Care. Our caregivers help seniors in Pasadena and greater Los Angeles enjoy life without a significant loss of independence and with their dignity intact.

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