Selecting a home care agency doesn’t have to be complicated, but your search should be thorough. The agency you choose and the caregivers they provide are going to help determine the quality of life your senior loved one is going to have at home and perhaps how long they’ll be able to continue living there. To help you make the right choice from a bunch of home care agencies, here are six things you can do to ensure your family is aligned with an agency that will provide the care your loved one needs and deserves.

Start with recommendations

If you’re like most people, you trust a recommendation from a friend for a good movie or restaurant, and the same holds true for finding a reputable home care agency. Inquire of your most trusted friends if they’ve used a home care agency or know of someone who has and can give you a recommendation or two of any they found to provide excellent care and service.

Assess your loved one’s needs

Finding the right home care agency is easier when you know what you’re looking for. After assessing your loved one’s needs, look for an agency that can meet those needs. For example, if poor mobility is an issue for your senior, do agency caregivers provide transportation? Run errands? Prepare meals? Have a list of your needs ready when talking with agencies, and make sure they can provide all of the home care services you’re looking for.

Do a background and history check

Checking out the history of the agency you select before letting them send caregivers to your home is critical in your search. Check with the Better Business Bureau and look at the agency’s complaint history. What was the nature of those complaints, and were they resolved? Also, many states have senior services departments that can provide background and history on home care agencies authorized to do business in the state.

Gauge the availability of caregivers

As the nation’s population ages, the availability of caregivers can be a problem for some agencies, even if it’s a short-term disruption in staffing. Make sure the agencies you’re considering have an ample staff of caregivers, including backup caregivers that can be there for you if your regular caregiver calls in sick or takes a vacation. You don’t want to be left stranded without a caregiver when you need to be at work or have other appointments.

Speak with the caregivers themselves

If possible, interview any caregivers that will be caring for your loved one. Are they good communicators? Do you think their personality will mesh well with your seniors? Do they have experience helping seniors with the same needs as your loved ones? Also, let the caregivers ask you questions about your needs to avoid unwelcome surprises down the road.

Involve your senior loved one in the selection process

Getting the buy-in of your loved one is paramount to having a successful relationship with an agency and its caregivers. Letting your loved one be part of the selection process dramatically increases the chances of a successful, long-term partnership with your agency and its caregivers.

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