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Getting old is a natural progression of life. Throughout one’s life in this world, time will come when we are not able to carry out tasks that we can easily do during our youth. One day, our time will come when we will be needing help in daily living from others

While one can rely on their younger and able family members or friends to compensate where they lack due to old age, they too will find their hands full from taking care of the elderly. 

This is one of the saddest facts about getting old. Unfortunately, some seniors live their late years uncomfortably with the lack of support from families who may not have the time to care for their aging members. As a result, some elders tend to lose their vigor in life as they feel like becoming a burden to their family. 

This shouldn’t be the case. We all deserve to be taken care of when we get old. 

Some families consider relocating an elder member or relative to an assisted living community where professional help with daily living is provided for. Whilst they are given with needed care, they are still allowed to practice independence so they are not too coddled as though they are incapable of doing things for themselves. 

While such a community exists, some seniors prefer to live alone or independently. Seniors vary in terms of needs, independence and desires on how they want to live when they retire. Thus, knowing what type of elderly care that is available for them will help families decide which option is better for their aging family members.

Choosing the Right Type of Help in Daily Living of Seniors

When seeking for the right retirement community for your aging family member, it can be overwhelming to figure out exactly what level of care is right for them. As you assess which option to take, it is important to discuss it among family members especially to the individual about to retire. Family members should take their needs and opinions into consideration to ensure that they are living in a place that they can happily adapt to. 

Some elders prefer living in an independent living facility, while others prefer to live with assisted living residences where all their daily needs are provided by the caretakers. The type and extent of help with daily living for the elderly can vary from person to person. Thus, knowing your options will help you navigate the extent of help your old family member needs from the living assistance. 

Before deciding which daily assistance is perfect for your senior member, you must be aware of the type of help the seniors may need. These activities are categorized as “activities of daily living” and “instrumental activities of daily living”. 

Activities of Daily Living include tasks in personal and bodily care such as: 

  • Bathing
  • Going to the bathroom to pee or poop
  • Getting dressed
  • Eating 

Instrumental Activities of Daily Living include household-related tasks such as: 

  • Use of gadgets, such as phone or computer
  • Shopping 
  • Cleaning and other housework 
  • Preparing meals
  • Doing laundry 
Independent Living VS Assisted Living: What’s the Difference? 

Each type of living assistance for seniors offers a tailored approach to elderly care and is designed to meet the specific needs of each individual. 

Independent Living 

Independent living is perfect for seniors who are capable of doing things themselves. Elders live in an independent living community alone but with the assurance of any-time assistance should they need any help or in a state of emergency. 

Independent living offers these following features: 

  • Having to prepare meals on your own or have a caretaker prepare food for you
  • Having the freedom to invite family and friends to come over anytime you want
  • Enjoy independence and privacy 
  • Having the freedom to socialize and join activities within the community and meet with peers
  • The facility will do the upkeep of your home and yard 
  • Having the peace of mind knowing that there is always assistance when needed

In this type of living, the residents can live comfortably in private and doing their routines while receiving assistance with the more challenging tasks. Elderly couples or even those in walkers and wheelchairs are welcome in such facilities for as long as they are capable of doing the activities of daily living. 

Assisted Living 

Assisted Living communities provide a greater amount of assistance compared to IL communities. Assisted living is geared more towards assisting senior adults with their activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, and taking medication. Nurse practitioners and caregivers are on call 24/7 for assistance in the AL facilities. 

Here are some of the features of Assisted Living for seniors: 

  • Assistance with personal and bodily care activities such as bathing and getting dressed 
  • Medication assistance 
  • Housekeeping services are 
  • Meals are prepared for you 
  • Nursing care 24/7 
  • Can participate in group activities with peers

For senior family members, nothing is more comfortable than growing older in the presence of their families. Sadly, having an aging adult may need extra attention and time from family members to attend to their special needs in which some families might not have. However, some elders decide to go to retirement homes to lessen the burden of their families. 

Finding the right kind of senior care for aging adults is an important decision for you and your family to discuss, in such a way that is compassionate towards them. After all, they deserve more love and understanding to allow them to enjoy the remaining years of their lives happily.