As older adults slow down due to the natural impacts of aging, it might be difficult to observe in real-time. We often fail to immediately perceive the gradual effects of this process. Unfortunately, this leads seniors to struggle with daily tasks as they fail to receive the domestic assistance they need. If you are concerned about the wellbeing of an elderly parent or loved one, it is helpful to know the signs that a senior might need assistance with daily living. Because seniors often struggle to recognize or vocalize a need for help, an outward set of eyes can provide a crucial evaluation of their needs.

Knowing the Signs

According to the National Institute on Aging, some important indicators of a senior needing daily assistance include: 

Difficulty completing household tasks 

Seeing the mailbox overfilling, laundry piling up, or a low stock on groceries, your loved one might be struggling to complete simple household chores. 

Memory Loss/Confusion

Memory loss can contribute to difficulty in taking medications, forgetting to pay important bills, forgetting names and faces, and even making dangerous mistakes such as leaving the stove burning. 

Decreased mobility 

Trouble getting around the house, including slowing down, difficulty reaching certain places, and falling, can put your senior at risk of injury.


Many elderly individuals neglect drinking sufficient water or eating nutritious meals. This might be due to forgetfulness, lack of appetite, or difficulty preparing meals on their own. 

Vision and Hearing Loss 

Vision and hearing loss can lead to difficulty in navigating surroundings and danger when driving. This can contribute to the need for more help around the house and completing daily tasks.

Difficulties with Hygiene

If you notice your loved one is rewearing clothes, going without washing linens, soiling their clothes, or bathing irregularly, they are likely incapable of keeping up with basic hygiene necessities.

Refusal to Seek Treatment

If your loved one is refusing necessary medical treatment or is in denial about their physical limitations, they can be more vulnerable to daily accidents and injuries. 

Depression, Anxiety, or Loneliness

Depression, anxiety, and loneliness are all signs that a senior needs more emotional and physical support. If your loved one is overwhelmed with completing daily activities, they might also experience a decline in their mental and emotional health.  

Utilizing In-Home Caregiving

If you determine that your elderly loved one has reached the point of needing daily assistance, they might benefit from professional caregiving. In-home care suits many seniors who require help with routine tasks. A professional in-home caregiver can alleviate the stress of daily obligations both for seniors and their loved ones. For families whose schedules cannot accommodate the level of support, their elderly loved one might need, daily caregivers provide a number of invaluable services that ensure the wellbeing of their clients. They can help with cooking, cleaning, bathing, driving, as well as physical needs.

New Wave Home Care’s Daily Living Support

New Wave Home Care is proud to offer a variety of top-tier in-home care options for elderly adults. From around the clock care, brief check-ins, chronic condition support, dementia care, hospice care, or general daily assistance, we provide specialized services to perfectly fit our client’s needs. NWHC’s daily living support ensures that seniors experience both safety and comfort. Some of our typical in-home care services include:

  • Household Chores
  • Meal Preparation
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Transportation to and from appointments
  • Bathing and hygiene
  • Fall prevention 

With our daily in-home care, clients not only enjoy the benefits of caregiving assistance but the company of compassionate caregivers. Our professional caregivers are specially trained to take care as comfortable as possible for our clients, easing the sometimes difficult process of accepting care. 

Acclimating to Daily Care

Unfortunately, some seniors struggle to accept care. If you have an elderly loved one that you expect might resist care, New Wave Home Care can help address the issue. When beginning daily living support, we always ensure our client’s comfort before we delve into administering care. Our caregivers meet with each of their patients before they begin work in order to become familiarized with one another. Although accepting care can be difficult at first, our caregivers usually develop beautiful relationships with our clients. 

Need Help Finding the Proper Care?

Ultimately, finding the best caregiver for your loved one can feel overwhelming at times. Ensuring the best care possible, requires both a skilled provider and the proper type of services. If you need more guidance navigating these decisions, New Wave Home Care is always here to help. Visit our website to view a more comprehensive list of services.  For more assistance, please feel free to contact us at any time.