In the era of COVID-19, cutting down on contact with others remains the most assured safeguard for staying healthy. At the same time, “social distancing” measures pose complications for many elderly individuals. For a population that is both vulnerable to the virus and often dependent on physical assistance from others, caregiving can pose a challenge. How can you choose between receiving much-needed care and staying physically isolated? 

For those who rely upon daily assistance, in-home care services can mitigate this dilemma. Receiving care from a limited number of trusted caregivers within the home can safeguard against an increased potential risk of exposure to the virus. Many of us have heard stories of virus cases spreading particularly rapidly in senior living facilities. Home care makes it far easier to keep track of who, when, and where elderly care patients are coming into contact with others. Elderly individuals who already utilize care in an assisted living facility or nursing home can utilize in-home care as either a supplement or alternative to the daily services they receive. 

Even before the advent of COVID-19, many in-home care patients have enjoyed the ability to remain in the familiarity of their home environment, rather than having to adjust to a new living situation. This bonus can even give some patients an added sense of independence. 

The one-on-one style of caregiving that comes with in-home care also breeds companionship between a caregiver and their patient. In a time when many people feel isolated and lonely, this sort of bond can be invaluable to elderly individuals who otherwise would have extremely minimal social interaction. Home care has long provided the benefits of comfort and companionship.

Now, as the pandemic continues to impact our daily lives, those in need of caregiving should consider the added benefits of in-home care. With the uncertainties inherent in the spread of the COVID-19, in-home care has become the safest form of nursing. 

As a leading provider of in-home care for over a decade, New Wave Home Care is proud to offer much-needed care services throughout the COVID-19 crisis. We are committed to continuing to provide care, with innovations to better respond to our client’s needs along the way. 

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