Like all of us, we are sure you’re tracking the current updates and projections for Coronavirus.  At NWHC, we can’t stress enough that this situation is real and unprecedented. We must learn from healthcare professionals and adapt quickly, simply because there is no historical experience to draw on with a pandemic of this nature.

To help mitigate the spread of COVID-19, we started our preventative measures early in March.  We are grateful to mention that none of our clients or caregivers at NWHC have had any contact with COVID-19. On a positive note, California appears to have flattened the curve. However, it’s still too soon to celebrate or let our guard down. We remain vigilant and will not be relaxing any of our safety protocols currently in place.  Prudence dictates that we take our planning to the next level and be prepared for the unfortunate possibility that your loved one may be exposed to COVID-19.

To prepare ourselves as well as the many families and caregivers who are unaware of the scope of the challenges associated with COVID-19, and with lack of resources to help prepare mentally and emotionally for the possible impact, we laid out different possible scenarios to our clients and family members and how we are continually preparing for each. NWHC is prepared around the clock to meet every client’s critical care needs.  We are aware of the added strain that an outbreak such as this can cause, that’s why we are spending so much time connecting daily with our clients as we continue to heighten our process to adapt to the situation and stay a step ahead.

At this point in time, we continue to work day and night to support our client in any way possible. Currently we are making several supply drops a week for gloves, masks, wipes and in some cases, medications & groceries too.  While we were not set up for such a support system, we are very committed to doing this.  Some of us have been working well north of 12-15 hours a day trying to get the supplies in place. Now with most of the suppliers reserving these items for Hospitals and the healthcare sector, we are encouraging the family members to also help purchase for their loved ones the following:

  1. Masks (Surgical masks are recommended)
  2. Gloves (Mostly Medium & Large size)
  3. Hand sanitizers
  4. Disinfectant wipes.
  5. Regular wipes (for personal care)

We also advise families to speak to their medical insurance and see if they will allow prescription filling for the next 90 days for their loved ones.

We are also having daily conversations with our caregivers about all the possibilities to ensure that they are able to do their jobs purposefully and safely. We are in an uncharted territory here. New Wave Home Care and our caregivers are prepared for and actively managing the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic. Health, safety, and welfare of the clients and family members we serve remains to be our primary focus. For us at NWHC, it is our big responsibility to give caregivers the necessary counsel and equip them in order to protect themselves so they can protect those they care for. With our caregivers continuing to comply with the state and federal health authorities’ prevention recommendations and orders, we also continue to build our own internal protocols and measures as we take extra steps that will make a critical, lifesaving difference for everyone involved.