Rosemary had a thousand-watt smile that could light up an entire room. I would always look forward to seeing that beautiful smile once I had managed to perk her up. She had such a happy and bubbly personality.

Rosemary peacefully passed away in the comfort of her home, just two months short of her 101st birthday. I had the privilege of seeing her three days prior to her passing, and as I bid my farewell, she appeared serene, her hands gracefully crossed over her chest. Rosemary has been a significant presence in my life for over twelve years. I first came to know of Rosemary in 2011 through her fiduciary, Barb Kovacic. At that time, Barb was not completely satisfied with Rosemary’s care arrangements and wanted to make a change, so she approached us for assistance. We were deeply honored by Barb’s trust in our ability to care for one of her dearest clients, so I delved into learning everything I could about Rosemary and her life.

Both Rosemary and her husband were talented artists, evident from the many wonderful pieces of art adorning their home. She loved to tell us about the stories behind each of the paintings. “This one was in Santa Barbara. We both were watching the waves and decided to put it on canvas”. There were several other paintings decorating their walls done by other artists. One such painting featured a portrait of a young and beautiful Rosemary, capturing her vibrant and sweet nature, which had only grown more charming over the years.

Rosemary had such a kind and loving heart that her concern for others often overwhelmed her, leading to bouts of anxiety. In those moments, I would gently redirect her thoughts, engaging her in stories about the paintings on her wall. “Oh, did you paint that picture?”, pointing to one of the pictures up on the wall. “Oh no, that was my husband”, Rosemary would reply. “Tell me more about it”. I would press on, even though I may have heard the story many times before. Rosemary would go on giving details about the painting and gradually her anxiety would ease, allowing her to find solace in the memories of better times.

Rosemary was blessed with an exceptional team of caregivers—Natasha, Sandra, Patricia, and Easter—who all worked together seamlessly, treating her like a member of their family. They attended to every detail, from doctor’s appointments to shopping, attending social engagements and going to her Santa Barbara condo, no details were ever overlooked, and the team worked hard to ensure Rosemary’s needs were always met with love and care. I am profoundly grateful for my team’s unwavering support during Rosemary’s final years. On top of all this Barb consistently went the extra mile, meticulously overseeing every aspect of Rosemary’s care and ensuring she received the best possible support at all times.

Celebrating the life of Rosemary Sage (1923-2023)Rosemary also loved my sons, who would accompany me on my visits. During the holidays they’d be dressed as Santa’s helpers or in their Halloween costumes and when I visited her earlier this year, she inquired fondly about them.

I will be forever grateful that they had the opportunity to meet such an extraordinary individual.

Thank you, Rosemary, you were such a sweet soul. You will forever remain in our hearts and our thoughts.