Sometimes, a little “thank you” could go a long way. For our team here at New Wave Home Care, we wanted to take this to the next level.

We meant to surprise our caregivers with unique gift baskets for their families, but our office team let the cat out of the bag in one of our daily calls. Thankfully, this turned out for the better. 

We were surprised and delighted to see our caregivers’ reactions to our small gesture for their efforts. Many caregivers cried on the phone when they learned that we sent a gift to their home. We’re glad to know that each of our caregivers appreciated our gesture for them. They are, after all, the true heroes of the New Wave Home Care team. 

A small gesture for 2,100 recipients: our caregivers and their loved ones

Each gift basket could feed a family of four for seven days. We wanted to give all caregivers a basket for their families, allowing us to serve to more than 2,100 within the week. We hoped this small gesture could help alleviate some of our caregivers’ worries, especially now that they’re away from their families.

Our gift baskets were the New Wave Home Care team’s way of showing gratitude to our caregivers. These gifts were our way of saluting the efforts of our caregivers in the frontlines. We wanted to tell our caregivers that we’re just as proud as their families for their bravery in this pandemic.

This was one of our ways to thank all the staff of New Wave Home Care for their continued hard work and commitment to their duties. We wanted to extend our gratitude to all caregivers out there who took the time and the effort to accompany their clients and made sure all their needs are met during this trying time

Caregivers: Our true heroes

Here at New Wave Home Care, we consider our caregivers our true heroes.

We understand that they’re doing their wonderful service to our clients for their livelihood. However, they’re also highly aware of the current level of risk and exposure to the Coronavirus while doing their duties.

With all the current government programs out there, our caregivers know they can get financial support even if they don’t show up for work. Yet they all come to support our clients. Their commitment to work and their love for our clients has been amazing, and we can’t thank them enough for their efforts. 

Let’s thank our caregivers

We encourage clients and other recipients of home care to take a moment and thank their caregivers for the services they provide. While it’s true that we pay them for their services, they still risk their lives to make sure we’re all well-taken care of during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A “thank you,” and even a hug can go a long way for our caregivers. 

Caregivers: Our True Heroes
A small gesture for 2,100 recipients: our caregivers and their loved ones. Thank you to Melissa’s Produce in LA for giving New Wave Home Care a good discount for these boxes!
Heroism in COVID-19

Our heroic caregivers serve in the frontlines of our clients’ homes in this Coronavirus pandemic. To avoid the risk of our clients contracting the disease, our caregivers leave the house on their behalf and do errands for them.

For areas with higher risk, we’ve rolled out stricter protocols for our caregivers to follow. We also provide constant support through daily calls courtesy of our administrative team, as well as regular updates on their needs and their clients’.

We’re constantly developing more mechanisms and guidelines that can provide better assistance to caregivers as we all deal with the Coronavirus pandemic. Thanks to our work with our administrative team and our other partner organizations, we’re always able to provide adequate updates and assistance to our caregivers as they perform their duties in their clients’ homes.

Interested readers can read our How We Support Our Caregivers article to gain better insights on how our New Wave Home Care team ensures the safety of our caregivers during this pandemic. You can also read the rest of our COVID-19 response in this section.

Our heroes can help clients in need

Our heroes are always ready to respond should there be a call for caregivers from our clients. Anyone interested in availing our services can reach out to any of our hotlines, and our Contact Us page. Our administrative team is always ready to respond to queries and questions on any of our services and offerings.

Our team at New Wave Home Care can tailor our care plans to meet our clients’ needs. We also provide specialized support services to ensure our clients get the best in care, regardless of their medical conditions.

We’re also available for free consultations, and interested readers may use our website to learn more about our services. We also have various resource pages for our offerings, so readers can be acquainted with what care they can avail for their loved ones. We also have a chatbot and a voice assistant for interested readers who wish to receive immediate assistance and response to their concerns.

Rest assured, we have all these resources and tools in our website to make sure our readers and interested clients will always have enough information about New Wave Home Care and our work.