According to a recent AARP survey, over 75% of Americans aged 50+ want to remain in their current homes for as long as possible. But to do so, aging in place seniors must stay active and entertained. Social distancing restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic have kept many older adults from participating in activities they once enjoyed.

If there’s an elderly loved one in your life who’s stuck at home finding ways to keep them entertained is important for their quality of life. These creative at-home entertainment ideas for seniors should do the trick.

How Aging in Place Benefits Seniors

In addition to the fact that most seniors want to live independently, these are some of the other ways aging in place benefits them:

Costs less. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are expensive, and Medicare won’t cover the costs. For example, the average semi-private nursing home room in the US is over $6,800 per month.

Privacy and comfort. There’s no place like home, and your loved one would probably agree. Privacy is another benefit of living at home.

Slows cognitive decline. Research has shown that socially active seniors are less likely to experience memory loss than those who aren’t.

Self-reliance. Independent seniors make their own decisions and schedule their own activities, both of which keep them determined and self-reliant.

Social aspects. Elders who live independently are also in charge of their own social calendars. Under normal circumstances that allows them to entertain in their home.

If you’re looking after an aging in place loved one who’s feeling lonely and depressed it won’t take long for their health and wellbeing to suffer as a result.

Fun At-Home Entertainment for Seniors

Thankfully, entertaining an older adult only takes a little time and effort on your part. Here are some at-home entertainment activities that’ll make your senior loved one smile:

Try new hobbies

It’s never too late to learn a new hobby, so introduce your senior to some activities they’ve never tried before- like painting, drawing, knitting, creative writing, origami, jigsaw puzzles or working with modeling clay. All can be done from home- even with a bedbound senior- and you may even unlock a hidden talent they never knew they had!

Work or volunteer remotely

The pandemic has created numerous remote work and volunteer opportunities. From making follow-up phone calls for charities, to consulting small businesses based on past employment experiences, there are a lot of at-home jobs for seniors. Retired teachers are in high demand to tutor and proctor students online. If you need some help getting your loved one started AARP’s website is a great resource.

Unleash the Internet

If your senior isn’t tech-savvy give them a crash course on how to use the Internet. From social media and online chat services, to educational videos and music, teaching your loved one how to “surf the Web” will open up a world of entertainment opportunities and keep them connected with family and friends.

Play board games

Playing board games is not only fun, doing so stimulates the brain and helps slow memory loss. Card games, chess and checkers are always good for seniors, while interactive video games like Wii exercise both mind and body. Many online games are now available that’ll keep your loved one occupied and entertained even when you’re not there.

Find them a “companion”

Another option you have is finding your loved one a dedicated in-home companionship caregiver from a licensed home care agency. Not only do trained professionals know how to keep seniors safe and comfortable in the privacy of their own homes- they also have lots of entertainment ideas that’ll make your loved one smile!

We Love Keeping Seniors Entertained At Home!

Keeping an aging loved one entertained when you’re busy or live far away isn’t easy. When you need a hand, contact New Wave Home Care. As a fully licensed home care provider our skilled caregivers will provide your senior with the conversation and companionship they deserve. Our compassionate professionals go above-and-beyond in their dedication to providing care for others, while making a difference in the lives of those we serve.

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