When a loved one needs a new level of care, choosing the right services can be overwhelming. There are several options that are being used on a daily basis, but the most popular and on-demand choice during this time, especially in a pandemic, is 24 hour home care in Pasadena. This requires a caregiver to be present at all times to ensure that their client is well-attended to and doing well.

More and more families are considering 24 hour home care in Pasadena to help with their elderly’s overall well-being. Having an in-home care service that’s available and accessible 24 hours helps ensure that the family member needing care is properly taken care of, especially during their recovery.

Whether the need for home care is temporary or ongoing, 24 hour home care in Pasadena is the most preferred option in these times of uncertainty during the pandemic. Your elderly family member may need temporary care after suffering a traumatic injury or while recovering from surgery. However, if they have special needs or if their cognitive abilities are impaired by Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, brain tumors, or a stroke, they may need ongoing assistance.. 

One of the most important benefits of the 24-hour home care services in Pasadena is the way caregivers are being rotated in shifts thus being more alert and refreshed for their client’s service. Here are some of the other benefits that come with 24-hour care services in Pasadena:

  • Disability care and recovery after surgery:
    When seniors prefer to stay at home after surgery, a 24-hour home care service is necessary to provide full assisted care including food and medicine reminders, housekeeping, help with daily tasks, access to many resources, and more. Having a 24-hour home caregiver  helps to ensure seniors will feel more at-home and comfortable while recovering, compared to being in a hospital or nursing home or facility.
  • Cost-effective caregiving:
    The good news–A 24-hour home care service in Pasadena is often   less expensive than being in a long-term medical facility. One of the major expenses for a family with an elderly needing care is nursing home. A long-term resident could cost as much as $100,000 a year, an amount way beyond the budget of a typical  middle class family. Most families prefer to leverage insurance coverage specifically for 24 hour home care and save more (is the previous sentence true?). In addition,  the comfort of being in their own homes often helps seniors’ sense of overall well-being and to improve during their recovery. and their overall well-being.
  • Concierge level of Support:
    A non-medical private in-home care provider in Pasadena, such as New Wave Home Care, is a family’s choice for a 24/7 concierge-level support, offering a full range of senior care services. With skilled, compassionate, and committed caregivers, most daily activities can be successfully accomplished at home. A 24/7 caregiving service can help seniors prepare meals, grocery shop, or simply help to go about their daily routine like bathing and grooming, medicine reminders, as well as transportation. This kind of service is especially critical if the client is unable to perform these daily tasks during their recovery process from surgery.