Although our mission here at New Wave Home Care focuses on senior wellness, our community outreach includes a wide variety of activities in the Pasadena area. Because we love to get involved with community members of all ages, some of our employees attended a volunteer event at the Rose Bowl last week!

Here, we helped decorate Rose Bowl floats for the annual Rose Bowl parade.

Over a century-long tradition, decorating Rose Bowl floats with fresh roses takes dozens of volunteers and hours of work for each float. Our New Wave volunteers were proud to participate in an event that is such a staple of the Pasadena community. Float decorating may be a time-intensive task, but it always brings joy to both the volunteers and those who get to enjoy the parade later on!

New Wave Home Care thanks the Pasadena community members that we were able to meet and participate with last week during this activity. We cannot wait to see everyone at next year’s Rose Bowl preparations. In the meantime, stay tuned for more updates on New Wave Home Care community events and activities!