We are extremely blessed that all of our clients, caregivers, and staff have remained safe throughout the current crisis brought on by COVID-19. Despite a global climate of fear and panic, all of our caregivers have shown remarkable resilience and commitment to continuing to provide loving care to our clients. While our plan is to protect both our caregivers and clients as much as possible, we must acknowledge the risk that our caregivers are taking as they continue to provide their services. As they continue to put themselves on the line to help others, there are no words to fully express the gratitude we must have for them.

While it is difficult to fully thank our caregivers during this time, New Wave Home Care is taking as many steps as possible to show our support. In the past month, we have made a strong effort to accommodate our caregivers to make their day-to-day lives as easy and safe as possible. Recently, we shared a number of details on How We Support Our Caregivers, including changes to making working conditions better and having our admin team working from home. Now, we are taking a few more steps to show our gratitude. Here are the most recent actions New Wave Home Care has taken to salute our heroes:

  • We have awarded generous bonuses to all of our caregivers as a way to say thank you. This has gone on for the past two payrolls, and we hope to continue this for the next few pay periods until we get through the peak of the coronavirus crisis.
  • Our office is ordering groceries for our caregivers to be delivered to their homes, with our company bearing the full costs of this service. This will continue on a weekly basis for the next few weeks.

While these small gestures cannot fully accommodate the sacrifices our caregivers are making, we want to make a full effort to show our recognition for their work. At the very least, we hope that our caregivers know how much we appreciate them and feel our support during this time. Our caregivers are our true heroes, and they deserve apt treatment.