I am Gideon Schein. I am a partner in a firm called Eddy and Schein Group. We are personal financial officers for seniors and high net-worth individuals. We manage and organize their personal, legal, financial, health insurance affairs etc. We work a great deal with seniors. We founded it on the East Coast and covered the five state areas there. Five years ago, I started the West Coast version, and Julianne was my Regional Director for three years. And then she decided to move on. And she and I have been friends for over 30 years. She introduced me to Sam and we sat in on a lot of council meetings.

SAM & I:

I met Sam about 10 years ago as a friend of a friend and we would get together and then we got to know each other fairly well. We spent a great deal of time trying to develop a sort of a second step where battered women could go so they had a place to be able to stay for a month. And we worked on this for a long time and then finally because of money and the practicality of it, it became impractical to create., We obviously enjoyed each other’s company. So life went on, we still meet each other in our various networking groups etc. We have lunch once in a while.


Four years ago, I had surgery and that was major. I was in the hospital for four months, including rehab. And then I needed 24-Hour Daycare for three and a half months. I did it on private pay. Knowing that I needed to fulfill the first 90 days per the terms of my long-term care insurance, I made the claim but I never followed up with all the information from the aides before the claim. I got caught up in doing other things at work.


Last July, I had surgery and needed help again. And I really needed home care. I turned to Sam and he provided me with two aides initially for 24 hour a day care and subsequently for 12. The aides are fantastic. Because of them, I’m now doing fine. Obviously I’m holed up like everybody else during the pandemic, I am going crazy. Having aides are my lifeline to the outside world.

Since I have an underlying health condition, I am a prime target of the Coronavirus. So the joke around the house is that I haven’t even touched the doorknob, let alone out of the house since March 7th. With the help of New Wave Home Care aides, despite being held up like everybody else- I can do a lot now: reading, keeping up on computer work, Zoom meetings with clients when I can and when I can stay focused, otherwise watch TV. I’m  very happy. I am being careful. I was in and out of the hospital after that and the aids were always waiting when I got out. Oh, it’s absolutely terrific. They really did save my life. And still doing it now big time.


What made my relationship with New Wave Home Care so unique was Sam, the founder/CEO, and my friend. Without his help, I wouldn’t have thought about my long-term care insurance being honored. When he came, he helped me make it possible. While I was being taken care of by his aides, Sam helped me fight the battle of the insurance company. And eventually they made me go back to my aides in New York and supply personal information and then payroll information. I had a payroll company doing it so that was the easy part. Lo and behold, I not only had done the 90 days, but I’d done longer so on top of everything else, they sent me a refund. And I have been on Long Term Care Insurance ever since.

Sam and I used to have meetings, three-way phone calls or two-way phone calls, Sam would be at my house and we would just sit there and talk to them. Sam had talked to them many, many times in order to get through because every time you get an answer, even though they already said it was okay, somebody would say it wasn’t. They didn’t know. It took a long time before my claim was honored and all those times, Sam honored me. Everything is now running smoothly. Without his help, I have no idea what I would be doing now especially in this pandemic.