In keeping with our mission to provide superior and compassionate care, New Wave Home Care regularly attends events and meetings to expand our knowledge base and stay abreast of the latest trends in home care. Recently we attended the MAPS (Marketing & Admissions Professionals for Seniors) meeting held at the Pasadena Highlands senior living community. MAPS is a network of retirement communities and elderly care services located in the San Gabriel Valley, whose goal is to promote quality living for seniors, as well as ethical marketing and service.

The purpose of the Pasadena Highlands meeting was to illuminate the many struggles facing the senior community, and by virtue of vibrant discussion, along with an exchange of ideas and techniques, create effective coping mechanisms and solutions for seniors and caregivers alike. A topic of particular note that dominated the meeting dealt with the frustrations many seniors experience due to the loss of independence. Some feel angry for what they see as a betrayal by their bodies, while others will simply experience sadness or fear as they feel the loss of mobility, memory loss, or vision or hearing problems. Another mitigating factor is the loss of a spouse. Ultimately, we learned that above all, perhaps the most important coping mechanism for caregivers is patience and understanding when seniors lash out due to their emotional state.

Attending meetings such as the MAPS event at the Pasadena Highlands senior living community is just one example of the ongoing and unwavering commitment New Wave Home Care maintains in order to respond to the unique needs of our clients with greater awareness and empathy.